Migrating Within The City of Toronto

The way I have come to live and identify in this city can easily be interpreted by the way my family has raised me. My father, his sister and his parents migrated to Canada from a small village in northern Greece during the late 1960s. My mother’s parents migrated to Canada from the exact same village a little earlier on in the 1960s, and both sets of families settled in the Danforth area of Toronto. My father was seven when he arrived to Canada, and he himself identifies as a Canadian (though a Greek one).

From the City to Suburbia

It’s incredible just how much moving can affect your life, and how much your life can revolve around a single city without even living in it. I find myself thinking these two thoughts a lot, especially when people ask me what city I’m from. Without a moment’s hesitation, I tell them Toronto. Do I actually live in Toronto? Not really.