Welcome to Digital History

Welcome to “Pathways to Toronto”. This website was designed to explore and study migration patterns that connect Toronto to other parts of the country, and the world through the stories of migrants who lived within Toronto's borders for a period in their lives. These individuals represent the different nationalities, races, and genders, that have settled or started their Canadian lives in Toronto. Our goal was to engage and encourage the visitors of this site to a discussion of the meaning of migration across time and space.

We were a group of senior students enrolled in a digital history course at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Together with our professor, Dr. Donna Gabaccia, we explored the variety of ways in which historians use digital methods to study, interpret and represent the past. Using a variety of digital tools and techniques, we analyzed, visualized, and represented the movement of people to Toronto across two centuries. We have designed and produced a range of materials, culminating in an online exhibit with the title “Pathways to Toronto.”

You can explore the many pathways our migrants have taken to Toronto by clicking the map below: